Aran is a licensed architect with more than 17 years of experience designing, building, and managing unique and complex projects. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in architecture  from UC Berkeley in 1993, he worked for several respected architects and contractors. In 1998 Aran began work as a project manager for the Berkeley design/build firm, Integrated Structures, Inc. He then joined forces with mixed-use development firm, Panoramic Interests, in 2003. Aran founded Bright Street in 2005 and continues to focus on interesting projects that add value to the urban fabric—socially, environmentally and economically. He lives in Berkeley with his wife and two kids.

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"Mr. Kaufer added value to our development project with his many connections within the City of Berkeley, his creative approach to problem solving, ability to listen to divergent viewpoints and construct a winning strategy for all, built a team on common goals and trust, meet deadlines, superb communication, and awareness to costs and projections. We would hire him again.” 

-Tarah Trueblood, Executive Director,
The Wesley Foundation
“Aran has a ton of experience from construction to architecture to entitlements to finance. He is a pleasure to work with - calm and professional under pressure and always on top of his game."

- Cara Houser, Project Manager,
Panoramic Interests
"I was in a panic when I called Aran for help in 2007. He knew exactly how to navigate the Berkeley planning department and smoothed the way for my remodeling and relocation project. Having Aran on my team was a gift!"

- Nina Cooper, Owner,
Nina Designs
"I have dealt with Aran in a number of different arenas: as a constituent, as a project manager and even as one of my commissioners. In all of these realms he has demonstrated the utmost pragmatism, thoughtfulness and attention to detail. He has also proven himself to be very effective in taking into account the needs and concerns community members and stakeholders to produce the best outcome for everyone involved.”

- Darryl Moore, Councilmember, 
City of Berkeley, District Two
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"I feel it is always important to acknowledge exceptional professionalism blended with kindness. In my work experience with Aran I have experienced his high level of ability to troubleshoot with vision for improvement and time effectiveness. In small business we must wear many hats. Aran you are one of the best, any company working with you has the gift of a winning staff person and excellent team player. Continued success to you and your lovely family!”

- Deborah Mathews, Broker, 
Our Land Realty & Funding
Bright Street, Inc is a development, management, and architecture firm that specializes in mixed-use urban infill projects.  Our goal is to create beautiful, profitable, ecological and innovative additions to the built environment.  Bright Street recognizes that infill development is crucial to the social, economic and ecological health of cities. Mixed-use buildings - located near jobs, public transportation, open space and retail - reduce automobile dependence, increase pedestrian activity and help to create vibrant and livable cities. Improvements to urban infrastructure and services can be realized through tax revenue generated by new development.